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Free Online Tools That Help Us Grow More Traffic To Our Permanent Makeup Services Website

When you start an online business you might find it difficult or be overwhelmed with all the available information and how to put together the pieces to start getting visitors to your website, With so many types of internet marketing services around it might look daunting but fear not!

Their are companies out their that will make these search engine optimisation tasks a lot easier like WebsitePromoter who provides SEO services to this website to help get more free and paid visitors.

Whilst working with this company the owner has learnt many things about online marketing that she did not know before.

For example this one was really interesting for Nicole, If you were to go into a search engine search bar and type in and press enter, this query will come up with the results of pages that google has already indexed for you in the search engines like this

you can also see this pic below is what you will see if you did that particular search query yourself, this can be especially useful on your own websites which I will discuss later.


Alright so what can i do with this information? and whats it going to do to help me get more visitors to my permanent makeup services website? hold on! I am going to share that with you right now.

If you look at the picture above you will notice a blue heading and right underneath that you will notice a green link and right below that you will notice a date and some text in black. Why is this information useful? This information is useful because this is what your searcher will see and decide if its what they are looking for to warrent a call to action and if they will click through to your website or not.

What you now want to do is make your header and text irresistible to the searcher so they do in fact click through to your website, if you have a word press website then this is quite simple to do and I recommend using a product like Yoast SEO because you can simply go into the dashboard of your cms and make bulk changes with this tool, especially handy if you have many pages. What you will be looking for is the titles and metas and you can read more about that here meta descriptions.

When you decide to write your titles and metas out do remember to make this part of your advert super relevant to what the page is actually about because this will greatly increase the chances of getting your searcher to take action.

Hope you enjoyed the free SEO tip to get more traffic to your permanent makeup website and if you want help with any of the tips about or would like to read more tips please visit the authors website for anything else feel free to send a shout out.

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