4 Dirty Little Secrets About the Tattooing MakeUp Industry

Over the years, the number of women investing in permanent makeup has increased dramatically. Permanent makeup used to be something frowned upon by most women. It looked unnatural and wasn’t something you’d like on your face every day. However, techniques improved and the results began to look much more natural. With lots of training and experience, therapists started to provide treatments that looked natural. Eyebrow hairs can be mimicked with fine needles, and lips and eyes can easily be enhanced with the right methods. As women spend over a year of their lives applying makeup, investing in these treatments can save a lot of time and hassle. This is the case especially for busy women or women who like to stay active. Many celebrities have these treatments, which makes it more acceptable for the modern woman to have them done. However, there’s still reason to take care when deciding if this treatment is for you.

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The Industry Isn’t Regulated


The permanent makeup industry isn’t regulated. This means that any old person could come at you with their ink and make a mess of your face. There are lots of different courses, all offering a different level of experience and training criteria. When these courses are complete, therapists can go out and offer their services. Usually, they will offer treatments at a cut price if they aren’t very experienced. Always beware of offers that seem far too good to be true. Doing your research on a therapist, speaking to past clients and looking at before/after pictures is a good idea. If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable with your chosen therapist, you should get out of there.


There are Possible Side Effects


As with most beauty treatments, there are possible side effects that come with permanent makeup. You can get infections from the needle or from the ink. You could even suffer from an allergic reaction. This isn’t a reaction that will go away soon enough either; as the ink is in your skin, it’ll always be a source of irritation for you.


What You Pay for Isn’t Always What You Get


You should usually steer clear of cheap procedures. But a more expensive treatment doesn’t guarantee a good result. Women have paid £500 for permanent makeup treatments in the past and been horrified by the results. The only way you can really be sure you’re getting a good treatment is to research therapists and clinics in depth. Don’t cut corners, especially when it comes to your face.


It Isn’t Easy to Get Rid of


If for whatever reason you don’t like your permanent makeup, it isn’t easy to get rid of. Laser removal isn’t safe to use around the eye area, so you may be stuck with wonky eye-liner on your lids. Not only that, it isn’t always a reliable treatment. You’ll need to go back more than once, and even then you may only fade your permanent makeup.


Having tattooed makeup in London can be a very good idea that saves time, but only if you do your research!
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