Semi Permanent Makeup What Is It

Semi Permanent Make Up -What is it? What You Need to Know

Semi-permanent makeup has become one of the highest techniques, which individuals are using to appear amazing to remain youthful. In this article, we will be discussing some basics about what semi-permanent make up is and what you need to know via a question and answer model.

Semi Permanent Make Up

What’s semi-permanent make up?

Semi-permanent makeup is an easy process of planting color onto the skin – a technique borrowed from tattooing. An extensive selection of colors are available to choose from and your professional ought to have the ability to direct you as to the colors which best suit you.

It can generally be applied to bottom eyeliner, top eyeliner, semi permanent makeup eyebrows, lip liner and complete lip color.

How can it work?

Semi-permanent makeup works via using devices that are specialized to set the color through the skin’s outermost layer – the epidermis and into the dermis – the deep layers. Since the epidermis is constantly shedding itself, the color will soon be observable through a thin veil of skin. The color will seem darker and much more noticeable when the process is finished.

For how long will it last?

The semi-permanent makeup color will disappear with time and will need top up processes every 1-3 years determined by the your skin type, surroundings as well as the colors. Your beauty salon will usually provide a top up service.

Safety Concerns

— You’ll be given an allergy test before the use of the semi-permanent make up.

— Strict hygiene is employed, as there is sterilization of equipment for each client.

— No compounds are utilized in the procedure.

— Always ensure that the beauty salon has a trained technician to perform the work.

Does it hurt?

Topical anesthetics are created particularly for long-lasting make up for eyeliner, eyebrows and lip color processes. These lotions and gels are applied to the desirable area 30-40 minutes before the process to make sure you experience minimal discomfort. Typically, semi-permanent makeup processes are described as causing a “tingling” sensation. The majority of people experience mild distress, especially for lip color processes. The process is normally fast and so any distress is typically short lived also important is semi permanent makeup aftercare.

Is semi-permanent makeup for everybody?

Anyone can reap the benefits of using semi-permanent makeup. Whether you simply need to save time in the mornings, or you are tired of having your eye /lip liner smudge by lunchtime, you’ll find a semi-permanent make an excellent time saver. Additionally, semi-permanent makeup can be utilized as a way to enhance your look when regular makeup is inadequate or a hard choice.

Semi-permanent make up treatments are available for both women and men. The total effect may be quite dramatic or subtle, depending on your own conditions. You need to talk to your beauty consultant to make a decision as to what is appropriate for your requirements a specialist makeup consultant like Nicole can help you with more advise on semi permanent makeup and what it is.

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