Semi Permanent Makeup Healing Process – Eyebrow

Semi Permanent Makeup Healing Process – Eyebrow

Semi Permanent Makeup Healing Process – Guide Eyebrow Tattoo

The healing process is a significant and fascinating part of your permanent makeup procedure. It differs from person to person and relies on several variables. In this article, we will be discussing what to expect during each of the phases of the tattoo eyebrows healing procedure that will help you recover as rapidly and successfully as possible. Here is what to expect in three phases of your semi permanent makeup healing process.

Semi Permanent Makeup Healing Process

Phase 1: First Two Weeks

As soon as you finish your eyebrow tattoo procedure, the healing process starts. You may experience redness, swelling, skin sensitivity, and perhaps some minor bruising. All are standard side effects pertaining to tattoo eyebrows, but this doesn’t last more than two (2) days. A great over the counter pain reliever should help the semi permanent makeup healing time. The great news is, that unlike other decorative tattoo improvements (such as eyeliner and lips), tattoo eyebrows are least influenced by swelling and bruising. Remember, if bruising or swelling lasts more than a day or two, it could be an indication of illness.

The look of your new long-term eyebrows will be thicker and darker than you may anticipate. Generally after about a week or so of the semi permanent make up healing process, the region and top layer begins to scab and “shed” away in sections. The new open pigment will finally soften into an appropriate natural look. To help aid in the healing process of your new tattooed eyebrows in this time, apply aquaphor or antibiotic ointment during the night prior to going to sleep. This can help cut back on the chance of infection. Additionally, take care to restrict any excessive physical activity or exposure to direct sun. This first interval should take about two (2) weeks for your tattooed eyebrows to completely cure and place.

Phase 2: Second Two Weeks

During this phase of the healing procedure, as eyebrow tattoo shedding and scabbing happens, you might feel tempted to dab your eyebrows with something cold. It’s possible for you to use anything from a cold compress to damp tea bags to dab the eyebrows. You only have to make sure you only add light pressure when putting them onto the eyebrows. After about two (2) weeks, your eyebrows will have largely recovered during the “shedding” procedure.

Phase 3: Touch Up Procedure

About four (4) weeks following your initial eyebrow tattoo appointment, you need to schedule a “touch up” with your accredited long-term cosmetic professional. Your specialist will examine the tattoo again, repair, and fill to darken the pigment in almost any areas needing adjustment or correction. Also, in the next visit, if your eyebrow color has settled into an unwanted tone, it may be fixed after several weeks with following the general semi permanent makeup aftercare.

Many people at times have an invulnerable skin type. If you’re among the few that fall within this group, you may want more than one touch up. This really is an exceptional situation that may require you to work out a payment program that is specific with your long-term eyebrow tech. After a couple more weeks of continued ointment application, the tattooed eyebrow healing procedure ought to be complete.

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