The Next Big Thing in Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is a popular treatment for both men and women these days. It was once just a treatment women considered to cut down on the time it takes to do their makeup. Now, men also consider the treatment to cover up their bald patches. The treatments available are vast; you can achieve -eyeliner , eye lush enhancement , eyebrows stroke or HD ,lip liner , lip blush or full lip colour .

However, the goal is always to go for a more natural finish so that nobody can tell you’ve had the treatment. Micropigmentation in London has come a very long way. This means you should find your results look natural with no wonky or uneven results.

Men who have lost some or all of their hair are also turning to micropigmentation in London to give them the appearance of a hairline. This is helpful in circumstances where their hair has receded or disappeared completely. There are a few options for men who have this problem; there’s hair in a can, or even a hair transplant. However, hair in a can isn’t permanent.Video Player00:0002:11

Plus, hair transplants cost a ridiculous amount of money. People like Wayne Rooney have had hair transplants, but the price puts men off going for the treatment. Providing you go for a skilled therapist, the ink deposited into the scalp will look like real hair that you have shaved off yourself. Nobody needs to know that you’ve lost your hair! The treatment is even good for scars, alopecia, and other problems that one may have. Women also turn to micropigmentation on the scalp when they suffer from similar problems. It’s a great hair loss solution for all.

Having eyebrows tattooed on is still as popular as ever. In the 90s, the pencil thin brow was very popular. Because of this, women from all over have little to no hair where they have over plucked. Brow micropigmentation can help to create realistic looking hair strokes. When you have supermodels like Cara Delevigne setting the new brow standard with her thick, shapely brows, it only makes sense to get on board. Eyebrows shape and enhance the face; they are something most people notice these days. Wearing makeup is all well and good, but eyebrows can take a long time to create. Especially if you don’t have much to work with from the start! If you’re active, it’s unlikely they’ll stay on through a sweaty gym session either. By having brow micropigmentation in London, you can be sure that your shapely brows won’t budge an inch.

For people who feel they have lost some of the lip fullness and shape they once had, lipliner is a popular choice. It’s so important you choose a reputable therapist for these treatments, as wonky lines will be noticeable and can change the look of your face. You don’t want that! It’s also much more pricey to fix. You’re better off paying more for a high quality treatment right from the beginning. Results last up 2-4 years, so don’t rush into anything!