Microblading: Tips, Pros & Cons

Otherwise known by many names; most notably “3D eyebrow embroidery”, “semi-permanent makeup”, and “cosmetic tattooing”, this new technique is undoubtedly the new trend in makeup and salon treatments.

microblading for eyebrow london

So What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a makeup technique done with an angled blade that is tiny and additionally has rows of even tinier needles. It is dipped in ink and then scraped lightly across the skin in delicate strokes, in a way of mimicking hair. The result is naturally looking bushy eyebrows, which, unlike eyebrow tattoos that look unnatural and unappealing.

Things to Keep in Mind:

The Pros

If you are intrigued by microblading and look forward to trying it out, you need to be well informed. There are a lot of wonderful things about eyebrow embroidery. For example, eyebrow embroidery is a natural way of correcting uneven eyebrows, without the fear of potential eyebrow hair loss.

This semi-permanent makeup lasts between 1-3 years and moreover, few touch-ups are required. Therefore, compared to the regular eyebrow makeup, which you must wash off every day and reapply, in addition, the cost of the cosmetic products. That brings me to my third pros of microblading, it is a much cheaper alternative than usual eyebrow treatments.

microblading close-up, hands adding pigment to eyebrows.

Cons of Microblading

However, this best new method of applying makeup is without downsides and there are some risks associated with it. Microblading is done with a blade that cuts into the skin, and one session can involve over 100 tiny cuts. If the microblading technician isn’t properly trained, they could cut too deep or most importantly, skip important sterilization steps leading to an infection. Injury and Infection are, of course, the worst-case scenario of microblading.

Another less dangerous, but still scary, is the possibility of the technician giving you shoddy service leading to a wonky-shaped eyebrow.

Lastly, there is some pain and discomfort involved in the process, although most technicians incorporate the use of numbing creams before undertaking the procedure. However, the effectiveness of the numbing cream may be different for everyone, and some may still feel some discomfort.

Microblading eyebrows, getting facial care and tattoo

Your makeup work is cut out for you

Semi-permanent makeup must still be taken care of just like a regular tattoo. Cosmetic tattooing aftercare is intensive; in the first few days, the recipient cannot wear any makeup near or above the eyebrows, this limits the chances of makeup get in and infecting the microblading cuts. The brow area must be kept clean, and well moisturized.

Microblading eyebrows, getting facial care and tattoo