Mesotherapy refers to a medical procedure where a series of chemical injections that melt away persistent fat and improve appearance of the skin are used. It can simply be referred to as an injection lipolysis.

These injections are intended to reduce the appearance of cellulite, break up localized fat deposits, and tighten sagging skin, especially in problem areas like on the neck. The downside to this is that the procedure is not approved by the FDA, and even over time, a good number of medical organisations have cautioned against the procedure.

These procedure has come to be known as lipodissolve, “fat jab” or “Flab Jab” over the years. Mestherapy was the brainchild of Dr. Michel Pistor, a French physician, back in 1952. Then in 1986, the French National Academy of Medicine recognized Mesotherapy (Mesotherapie) as an integral part of traditional medicine.

Today, this minimally invasive procedure is used all across Europe and other places to treat various medical conditions and injuries. Thousands of doctors have employed this technique to help tens of thousands of patients.

How Mesotherapy Works.

This medical procedure targets problem areas. It is done using microinjections with amino acids, homeopathic medicines, vitamins and minerals or other conventional medicines. Here, tiny “medicinal bullets” are injected directly into the middle layer of skin or mesoderm.

Therefore, these injections are normally very specific to the condition being treated. These drug mixtures are injected into the body over a number of treatment sessions. Applications of Mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy has numerous applications namely;

• To eliminate localized fat deposits

• To eliminate cellulite

• To provide anti-aging benefits

• To promote weight loss

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