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If you’re thinking of having a permanent makeup procedure, your life could change drastically. Permanent makeup is a brilliant treatment to have, providing you choose a reputable person to do it for you. You will save so much time applying your makeup products, and have a polished look without having to do anything at all. Not to mention the money you spend on certain makeup products! You won’t want to go into a procedure without having a consultation first. The consultation is the part where you learn what can be done for you, as every person has individual needs and can expect different results. You’ll also get to meet Nicole she will be performing the treatment and decide once and for all whether it’s right for you. Here are some of the things you’ll learn about when you go for your free consultation for permanent makeup:

What the Treatment Entails

During your consultation you’ll learn all about the treatment and what it entails. Permanent makeup must be done in a sterile environment as a needle is used to do the treatment – much like getting a regular tattoo. This is why it’s so important you take your time choosing a trustworthy person, and not somebody who will come to your house. Tiny particles of coloured pigment are placed beneath the skin using a needle, which creates the look you’re going for.

First you will have an anaesthetic cream applied to numb the area depending on your pain threshold. Then you’ll have templates for the procedure applied to make sure you’re happy with the shape and look. A fine needle is then used to make the results last.

Before and After the Treatment

You may have pictures taken before your treatment so you can clearly see the difference afterwards. Before you have the permanent pigment applied, you will have a template drawn on using a cosmetic pencil so you know what to expect. Afterwards, the results can be quite dark and intense. This is only temporary so you shouldn’t worry!

Immediately After Treatment

The colour will likely not look as you expected it immediately after the treatment, as you need to give everything a chance to settle down. After a week the colour will have settled down and should look the way you were assured it would during your consultation. Although permanent makeup lasts for years, it will start to fade after a while. You may like to have a top up procedure to freshen up your look. Bear in mind that although your permanent makeup will fade, there’s no guarantee it’ll ever go away completely.


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