Endymed is a clinical device that uses the most sophisticated form of radiofrequency energy, 3DEEP Skin Science to deliver multiple treatments that target every layer of the skin.


The energy provided on the treatment stimulates collagen production, to tighten, firm and improve the skin structure, to smooth wrinkles, improve skin tone and restore radiance.

Treatments vary in levels of intensity, so whether you are looking for completely pain-free treatment with no downtime for skin tightening and lifting, or a high intensity treatment for skin with more advanced ageing and sun damage, there will be an ENDYMED treatment to suit you.

Every treatment stimulates your skin’s own natural rejuvenating process, so the obtained results will not only be outstanding, but also natural looking and long-lasting.

As collagen takes time to remodel and form, full effects on the treatment will e typically seen after 3 months or more following the treatment course. Some treatments, however, deliver short time results with an immediate lift and a healthy glow.

We offer:

ENDYMED FSR: resurfacing skin rejuvenation

It rejuvenates skin from the outside-in, improving the texture, luminosity and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ENDYBLEPH is a high-intensity FSR treatment specifically for opening up the eye area, tacking crows feet and eye hooding.

ENDYMED INTENSIF: Full depth skin regeneration

Rejuvenates skin from the inside-out. The ultimate treatment for advanced aging and sun damaged skin, tacking deep lines and wrinkles, tightening and lifting lax and sagging skin, whilst also improving skin texture and tone.

The recommended amount of sessions is three with 4 weeks apart.