Best Makeup Solution For Chemo Patients

Permanent Makeup for Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment whereby drugs is used to destroy the cancer cells in the body. Chemotherapy is also called chemo.

This treatment procedure works by slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells that are spreading rapidly in the body.
Chemotherapy can also harm other cells of the body, which is likely to cause some difficulties for the individual undergoing the treatment. Damaging of the body’s healthy cells may result to other side effects. However, when the chemotherapy is over, these side effects disappears or become drastically reduced with time.

What does chemo do?

Depending upon the type of cancer treatment, chemotherapy can do the following things:
− Cure cancer. Chemotherapy destroys the cancer cells in that part of body where doctors cannot detect them. After the chemo, those harmful cells cannot grow back.
− Control the further growth of cancer cells in the body.

Several complications can arise after a patient undergoes chemotherapy. Such complications can be in the form of: − Thinning eyebrows even losing them completely − Losing eyelashes − Physical diseases
These complications can be cured by micro pigmentation and permanent makeup. New techniques in micro pigmentation can help with these problems.

Role of Permanent Makeup:

Permanent makeup is a type of cosmetic technique that employs the use of tattoos as a way of producing designs that looks like makeup, for example, eye lining and other permanent enhancing colours of the face and skin. Permanent makeup is also used to make artificial eyebrows, especially for those people who lost them in chemotherapy or due to old age and genetic disturbance. This technique is often used to restore breast’s areola after breast surgery.

Things to consider for a Cancer Patient after Chemotherapy:

Cancer patients who are facing problems like hair loss due to chemotherapy can get their natural hairs by permanent makeup. Eyelash enhancement can also make your appearance real and perfect.

Some of the things you must have in your mind for effective permanent makeup are:

Go to a professional: Make sure before the treatment that the permanent makeup service you choose is a professional makeup service. Inexperienced and unprofessional permanent makeup artists may create difficulties for you. Your local tattoo shop is not the place to visit for this service.
Always have some previous pictures of yours before going to the makeup artist: Always be proactive. It’s important for you to bring some photos of yours with you, so that the artist can have an idea of how you look like before losing your hair and eyebrows to the chemotherapy treatment , ideally you should start the process before your treatment .
Stay safe and active: It is important for you to know that the procedure of tattooing the body is invasive. Skin varies from person to person.

The upper layer of the body will be gentle broken and pigment implanted under the skin .

You need to be prepared for this.
Wait for the appropriate time: Time factor is very critical. You must consult yourself with the person responsible for your treatment and explain them what are you planning to do and what the micro pigmentation will involved.

Only after approval form your medical department your are safe to undergo micro pigmentation .

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