7 Things To Do With Permanent Makeup Gone Wrong

7 Things To Do With Permanent Makeup Gone Wrong

Permanent Makeup Gone Wrong
  1. Don’t Panic

Unfortunately this article is written usually for victims of permanent makeup procedures already gone wrong and let’s be honest who searches for permanent makeup gone wrong before they get the makeup treatment done in the first place? That’s the furthest thing from your mind, But if you are one of those people that does the necessary research before you make big decisions and have come across this article before your procedures well done but if you are already a victim of a botch job read on the most obvious thing you shouldn’t do when things go wrong is panic.

  1. Find a Specialist

What you should do instead is calm yourself down compose yourself and look for the services of a makeup expert who can possibly correct the problem you have like Nicole Zysk who has many accreditations and expertise with many well-known people.


The most common signs of your permanent makeup procedures gone wrong are usually because you have chosen a low cost makeup artist or you might very well have paid a high cost for your makeup artist which is even worse and would probably mean that they are inexperienced

  1. Look for Reviews

When choosing your makeup artist be sure to ask for a portfolio of previous clients before and after results ask to see any accrediting or some sort of guarantee that you are in the safe hands of a makeup expert after all permanent makeup does not wash off, sorry if I sprinkled salt in the wounds here, but you really need to do your due diligence.


A qualified makeup specialist should have no problem showing off their work and should have a nice collection of before and afters. Here is what you don’t want to see http://www.rebelcircus.com/blog/permanent-makeup-gone-wrong/


Make sure to do your research before you make the big decision to go permanent or semi-permanent with your makeup corrections and make sure you choose a makeup artist not a mashup artist as with any tattoo this is permanent feature so should be well thought out and well researched depending on the severity of your case there is almost always a correction treatment around that will solve your issue so don’t worry too much.


Once you have found the right artist and are confident they can correct the problem then make the appointment with your Makeup specialist consultant, Having all the

above in mind you are now ready for all the Benefits to these procedures that are well worth it, imagine the money saved on cosmetics and the freedom to wake up like they do in the movies all ready to go like a superstar, well almost you still need to brush your teeth and fix your hair but hey that is a lot of time that you can dedicate to other activities in your life, what a pleasure!

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